The Truth About Martial Arts And Self Defense: Part Three}

By n9LwR4 On July 24th, 2017

Submitted by: Peyton Quinn

In this the third installment of this article I want to first point out some of the reasons that the business model of traditional martial arts schools today is in conflict with their capacity to teach self-defense. Indeed, some have told me repeatedly that teaching self-defense is simply incompatible with running a martial arts school.

More than forty years ago Bruce Lee spoke of the classical mess in regard to the martial arts schools of his day. He was largely referring to schools in Asia, but also classical schools in the US as well. He said the training method is largely designed to retain the student and their monthly fee. This situation does not seem to have changed either

In todays world the martial arts industry has primarily become one that teaches children classical arts. There are very few adults in most martial arts schools. It is children that have always been the bread and butter of the industry. So let us examine the business model itself of a martial arts school today.

First, there are few businesses one can start with as little initial investment as a martial arts school. At least few that have anything like the potential monetary return of a martial arts school. One can rent a space, put an ad in the yellow pages, do some demonstrations at the shopping malls etc, and begin to enroll students in their school.

In a year a person who has the business, communications and marketing skills could in many demographic areas, sign up 100 students (children) whos parents pay from $65 to $125 a month for their kids lessons each month. Let assume an average monthly tuition of about $100 a month for easy figuring here.

If a school owner has 100 students at $100 a month then he is grossing $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year.

The fact is 100 students is a modest sized school too. A large school has closer to 350 students or more. Now what are the real expenses in running the school? The Yellow pages ad, the rent on the space and insurance are the only significant expenses. In fact, the trend now is for MA school owners to get a mortgage and thus come to own their buildings. The equity they develop in their building being a big part of their retirement package.

Also, as a part of the traditional way of classical instruction allows many classes to be taught by unpaid senior students. I will note however that today this practice of unpaid instructors is becoming more challenging for school owners to maintain however.

The martial arts industry thus has more than a few Martial Arts School millionaires and a handful of multi-millionaires. One of the largest companies in the martial arts industry actually offers a six week course in marketing and business operations for a martial arts school (even if the person has no previous martial arts training at all) and they will then sell them a franchise so they can open their martial arts school under their name. If the franchise purchaser has no martial arts training they provide a six-week course in martial arts for them.

Today the martial arts industry is almost totally sales and profit directed and is focused nearly entirely on children. We have Karate Birthday parties and Little Ninjas programs and more, as core promotional activities in the industry. And e have eight year old black belts too.

Now please do not misunderstand me here, I think MARTIAL ARTS SCHOOLS SERVE CHILDREN VERY WELL. Indeed, they can teach self-discipline outside the home (where it may be lacking too) and martial arts often teaches children respectful behavior.

I believe that most often children actually do get these important benefits and character building assets in martial arts schools, given that the instructor does the job correctly.

YouTube Preview Image

And most often I have seen that instructors do a pretty good job there. They handle children very well and so most often those kids achieve the very worthwhile goals of their martial training.

These goals for the children are also very collateral with the business interests of the school too. And there is most certainly not a thing wrong with making a good profit from ones work either.

But I think you can see how self-defense training, and especially for adults, just does not fit well with this martial arts school business model. The fact on the ground here is that about 90% or more of the students are young children and that alone makes teaching self-defense out of place at present in the martial arts school business model.

Let me relate an experience that illustrates this that I had less than one year ago at a convention where I addressed 125 of the top income producers in the martial arts school industry. I talked to them regarding their teaching a short-term self-defense program for adults.

In my presentation I showed that there was a demand by adults for true and comprehensive self-defense training. My own RMCAT program in Colorado provided undeniable proof of this demand.

If it the demand were not there then why would adults spend the money to come from every city in the US and Canada and from so many foreign countries to attend my self-defense training weekends at my Colorado facility?

Only a few of these school owners doubted that there was in fact a demand for adult self-defense training. Yet very, very few of these 125 top school owners felt that they could or should or wanted to teach any self-defense program in their schools. You might well ask why that was?

They expressed it too me in a few different ways but what it ultimately came down to was this, I am not in that business, why should I try to enter an unfamiliar industry when I am doing very well in the one I am currently in, teachings martial arts to children?

Well good people, I am in the business of teaching comprehensive and true self-defense training to adults and I have been for twenty years plus now. I have no monthly paying students and I can accept no children in my classes. My business model is thus not at all the same as a martial arts school.

It maybe that I just remain naive or it may be because I want to believe it (we must always try to see the deeper truth in ourselves) I still think that martial arts schools could teach self-defense classes and do so profitably too.

But I will admit that I am becoming less amused than I was in the past at seeing Self-Defense plastered all over the windows of every martial arts school that one finds on every other street corner. They do not teach self-defense and in my view so they should not advertise themselves as doing so. Some schools are some exceptions of course.

On the other hand, I have been pleasantly surprised recently at the number of martial arts school owners that agree with me on this point.

However, it also true that some school owners will still content that they do teach self-defense. I even hear people claiming that Tae Kwon Do for example is an indigenous Korean art, a thousand years old and proven on the battlefield.

But common sense alone should be enough to immediately see the absurdity of these claims and for any unarmed martial art not just TKD. First of course, TKD is an unarmed art and no people at any time or place in all of human history ever fought with their bare hands and feet.

Man is the tool user, we have the opposing thumb and mankind has always used weapons to fight with since before recorded history. We can even examine the weapons and tools of the extinct humanoid Neanderthal Man which are well over one hundred thousand years old.

And as for the proven on the battlefield assertion, this is absurd on its very face since no battle in history was ever fought without weapons. We do not have to create or propagate false histories for any martial art to truly respect or enjoy their true value and benefits.

So martial arts are just that arts they have self-defense value for sure especially when taught with that objective and by a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. But I feel obligated to point out that most martial arts instructors have never been in a real fight in the entire adult lives.

Hence, in teaching self-defense most martial arts instructors are teaching something they have no real experience in.

Further still, instruction that is confined to techniques is never really true self-defense training. Real self-defense training in my view must teach the ways of the human predator, how to avoid conflict with them, and above all prepare the person for the adrenal stress reaction of an actual self-defense situation.

Now lets consider how todays modern soldier is trained and prepared for combat. While some training methods have not changed since before biblical times in the military, in the last few decades something else really has.

That something I speak of is simulators. A guy in an Abrams tank in the desert of Iraq never destroyed a Soviet T-74 tank and neither had his instructors at tank school either.

But those instructors were provided extensive knowledge of the enemys tank and their tactics and then the tank commander and crew trained in simulators, which were very authentic to the actual battlefield. So the first time they ranged, targeted and fired on the enemy tank was not really the first time they had done it. They had done it all on authentic simulators many times before.

Do you see that self-defense training must use this same training model of an authentic simulation? So what are the features we need to simulate for a real world self-defense encounter?

The most important is the adrenal stress reaction as this is really the only thing you can absolutely count on happening in an actual threat situation. The adrenal reaction causes even good martial arts people to sometimes forget everything they ever learned. They dont really forget of course, its just that they have no access to their techniques under the adrenal rush as they never really practiced them under that adrenal rush.

As a bouncer I cant even give a realistic number to every fight I saw or short-circuited

so it never happened. Real attacks are seldom out of anywhere. The human predators and bullies do not attack just anyone at random. They want to be sure first that they have safe victim to attack. Then they want to impair that persons ability to think clearly or defend themselves effectively by adrenalizing them and making them experience fear.

This is why they begin their attack with words such as a very belligerent What are you looking at! How the other person responds to this determines if they will attack at all. This then is the easiest and best time to win the fight too, because the only fight you can win completely is the one you avoid in the first place.

So the self-defense training simulation must include this critical verbal phase of the fight and teach and train the person to handle it correctly.

Bruce lee also said The best preparation for the event is the event itself. I know this to be absolutely true, but we cant go out and get in brawls as a training method can we?

Thus the authentic simulation of the aggressor and the physical skills learned and hard wired into the student through the adrenal stress driven fight scenario with the totally armored assailant (where they can strike with full power and without any real restraint) this is the best self-defense training method currently existent and this is why I refined it and use it today at RMCAT.

About the Author: www

Author: Freedom From Fear: Taking Back Control, Of Your Life and Dissolving Depression (ISBN-10: 0975999605, ISBN-13: 978-0975999608, The Science & Art of love & Romance: A Strategy for Success a Program For Healing ISBN 978-1442177482.Black Belt Hall of Fame


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2007 ING Taipei Marathon warming up competition goes to Kaohsiung

2007 ING Taipei Marathon warming up competition goes to Kaohsiung
By n9LwR4 On July 24th, 2017

Monday, September 17, 2007

On Saturday of September 15, ING Taipei Marathon South Taiwan Warming Up Competition goes to Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, not only 1615 professional runners but also international runners from Canada, Japan, UK, USA, Germany, and Ireland participated this event. And event organizer Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA) presented limited “I Love Marathon” T-shirt for some of 3KM group runners.

Not only international runners, companies and enterprises such as China Steel Corp., CPC Corp. Taiwan, Taiwan Power Company, Chi Mei Medical Center, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, NXP Semiconductors Taiwan, Corning Co., Ltd. (Taiwan), National Highway Police Bureau of Taiwan, Kang Hsuan Educational Publishing Group, Kaohsiung Prison and Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office of Ministry of Justice of Taiwan also grouped and participated this event.

A great intensive competition is still in Men’s Group between Wen-chien Wu and Tsu-chien Cheng, but Wu still held his honor and won back this championship with 27 minutes and 34 seconds; In the Women’s Group, Chien-her Hsieh won with 31 minutes and 34 seconds, Yu-hao Wu won the champion with 40 minutes and 27 seconds in the Blind Group.

After this event, ING Antai and CTRRA announced that next stage of ING Taipei Marathon Warming Up will go to Taichung City at September 30.

Liverpool Biennial 2006 art festival starts

Liverpool Biennial 2006 art festival starts
By n9LwR4 On July 24th, 2017

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The 2006 Liverpool Biennial art festival will start its ten week run on September 16, finishing on the November 26. The exhibition uses public places located across the city.

Installation will be situated at sites across the city including St. George’s Hall and Church of St Luke with specialist centers such as the Bluecoat Arts Centre, FACT centre, Tate Liverpool and the Walker Art Gallery providing exhibition space.

The international ’06 exhibition includes 35 commissioned works, while the 24th John Moores Exhibition of Contemporary Painting is the UK’s longest running open painting competition.

The Independents is an art exhibition that runs alongside the Biennial. Several shorter festivals will run over this period including the Hope Street festival.

John Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing

John Reed on Orwell, God, self-destruction and the future of writing
By n9LwR4 On July 24th, 2017

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It can be difficult to be John Reed.

Christopher Hitchens called him a “Bin Ladenist” and Cathy Young editorialized in The Boston Globe that he “blames the victims of terrorism” when he puts out a novel like Snowball’s Chance, a biting send-up of George Orwell‘s Animal Farm which he was inspired to write after the terrorist attacks on September 11. “The clear references to 9/11 in the apocalyptic ending can only bring Orwell’s name into disrepute in the U.S.,” wrote William Hamilton, the British literary executor of the Orwell estate. That process had already begun: it was revealed Orwell gave the British Foreign Office a list of people he suspected of being “crypto-Communists and fellow travelers,” labeling some of them as Jews and homosexuals. “I really wanted to explode that book,” Reed told The New York Times. “I wanted to completely undermine it.”

Is this man who wants to blow up the classic literary canon taught to children in schools a menace, or a messiah? David Shankbone went to interview him for Wikinews and found that, as often is the case, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Reed is electrified by the changes that surround him that channel through a lens of inspiration wrought by his children. “The kids have made me a better writer,” Reed said. In his new untitled work, which he calls a “new play by William Shakespeare,” he takes lines from The Bard‘s classics to form an original tragedy. He began it in 2003, but only with the birth of his children could he finish it. “I didn’t understand the characters who had children. I didn’t really understand them. And once I had had kids, I could approach them differently.”

Taking the old to make it new is a theme in his work and in his world view. Reed foresees new narrative forms being born, Biblical epics that will be played out across print and electronic mediums. He is pulled forward by revolutions of the past, a search for a spiritual sensibility, and a desire to locate himself in the process.

Below is David Shankbone’s conversation with novelist John Reed.


  • 1 On the alternative media and independent publishing
  • 2 On Christopher Hitchens, Orwell and 9/11 as inspiration
  • 3 On the future of the narrative
  • 4 On changing the literary canon
  • 5 On belief in a higher power
  • 6 On politics
  • 7 On self-destruction and survival
  • 8 On raising children
  • 9 On paedophilia and the death penalty
  • 10 On personal relationships
  • 11 Sources
  • 12 External links

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Bridging A Gap With Cryptocurrency Art}

By n9LwR4 On July 21st, 2017

Bridging a gap with cryptocurrency art


Brian Miller

There are many different problems that can occur when the right buyers are looking for the right sellers. If you are not focused on a fixed market and you are interested in goods or services that are beyond your reach, you will have a number of issues to deal with in the process. You always need to find a solution so you can get things done easier.

The web is meant to bridge a gap between the people who are interested in one thing and the others who can offer it. You may be looking for a certain product or a service you cannot find on the local market and this is where you will find it. If you are looking for items that you will really appreciate, you can turn to cryptocurrency art from the start.

YouTube Preview Image

There are two main issues you have to deal with when it comes to this. First of all, you will need to find works of art that you will appreciate, but you cannot view the portfolio of each artist in the world for it. On the other hand, you will need bitcoins to make cryptocurrency fine art trading easier. This is another thing you may be interested in.

But how will you be able to overcome these obstacles? How will you be able to find the works of art you are looking for and the bitcoins to help you buy them? The web is the solution you can turn to for cryptocurrency art trading, but you will need to narrow down the list of sources you can use for it. This is where you will find out how to do it.

There are many different sites that have been created in order to bridge a gap between buyers and sellers. Car selling is made easier by auto ad sites. Homes are easier to find with real estate ad sites. How can you make cryptocurrency fine art trading easier? Where will you find the sites that will bridge the gap between art lovers and great artists?

Another aspect you have to consider is that the cryptocurrency art site has to make the transactions easier using bitcoins. This is the only option you can turn to when you want to fully bridge the gap between the two categories. If you are not willing to cut any corners when it comes to this, you have to find the site that will rise up to this task.

At first it may seem hard to find, but there is a cryptocurrency fine art site that will meet your demands from the start. If you do not want to waste too much time in the process, you can visit the site of This is where you will find a platform perfectly suited for the needs of the buyers as well as the sellers. No matter if you are an artist who wants to sell his works or an art lover that seeks to reduce his collection, this site will bring you together.

Cryptocurrency art

is one of the first options you must consider when you want to make things easier. If you want to bridge the gap between art lovers who want to buy and artists who want to sell, the

cryptocurrency fine art

site named before will do the trick.

Article Source:


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Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life

Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life
By n9LwR4 On July 21st, 2017

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Gay Talese wants to go to Iraq. “It so happens there is someone that’s working on such a thing right now for me,” the 75-year-old legendary journalist and author told David Shankbone. “Even if I was on Al-Jazeera with a gun to my head, I wouldn’t be pleading with those bastards! I’d say, ‘Go ahead. Make my day.'”

Few reporters will ever reach the stature of Talese. His 1966 profile of Frank Sinatra, Frank Sinatra Has a Cold, was not only cited by The Economist as the greatest profile of Sinatra ever written, but is considered the greatest of any celebrity profile ever written. In the 70th anniversary issue of Esquire in October 2003, the editors declared the piece the “Best Story Esquire Ever Published.”

Talese helped create and define a new style of literary reporting called New Journalism. Talese himself told National Public Radio he rejects this label (“The term new journalism became very fashionable on college campuses in the 1970s and some of its practitioners tended to be a little loose with the facts. And that’s where I wanted to part company.”)

He is not bothered by the Bancrofts selling The Wall Street Journal—”It’s not like we should lament the passing of some noble dynasty!”—to Rupert Murdoch, but he is bothered by how the press supported and sold the Iraq War to the American people. “The press in Washington got us into this war as much as the people that are controlling it,” said Talese. “They took information that was second-hand information, and they went along with it.” He wants to see the Washington press corp disbanded and sent around the country to get back in touch with the people it covers; that the press should not be so focused on–and in bed with–the federal government.

Augusten Burroughs once said that writers are experience junkies, and Talese fits the bill. Talese–who has been married to Nan Talese (she edited James Frey‘s Million Little Piece) for fifty years–can be found at baseball games in Cuba or the gay bars of Beijing, wanting to see humanity in all its experience.

Below is Wikinews reporter David Shankbone’s interview with Gay Talese.


  • 1 On Gay Talese
  • 2 On a higher power and how he’d like to die
  • 3 On the media and Iraq
  • 4 On the Iraq War
  • 5 State of Journalism
  • 6 On travel to Cuba
  • 7 On Chinese gay bars
  • 8 On the literary canon
  • 9 Sources

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News briefs:August 02, 2010

News briefs:August 02, 2010
By n9LwR4 On July 21st, 2017
Wikinews Audio Briefs Credits
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Listen To This Brief

Problems? See our media guide.


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London Knights trade Steve Mason to Kitchener Rangers

London Knights trade Steve Mason to Kitchener Rangers
By n9LwR4 On July 21st, 2017

Sunday, January 6, 2008

On the morning of January 4, 2008, while at the 2008 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, 19-year-old goalie Steve Mason received a phone call from Canada informing him that he was traded by the Ontario Hockey League’s London Knights to the Kitchener Rangers.

In a press release Friday, Kitchener Rangers Head coach and General Manager Peter DeBoer announced the trade to the Knights. In return for obtaining Mason, the Rangers have sent the Knights, Centre Phil Varone, Defenceman Steve Tarasuk along with 2nd, 3rd and 4th round draft picks in 2011 and a 2nd round pick in 2012.

Mason said that he had an enjoyable time playing for the London Knights, but nonetheless, he believes that he has a bright future playing for the Kitchener Rangers. He also notes that he doesn’t want the trade to distract him from playing in the Gold Medal Game, against Team Sweden.

Team Canada won the game in overtime 3-2.

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Why Dont They Recycle?}

By n9LwR4 On July 16th, 2017

Submitted by: Vera Pappas

Recently, I was invited to a party. The hosts were lovely, the home was large and beautiful in a well-to-do area. Everything about the day was fantastic, except for one thing…they didn’t recycle.

I noticed glass bottles in the trash, I thought maybe some partygoer made a mistake. Then I noticed another and another, no mistake.

Does their township not offer recycling? I can’t imagine these intelligent, well read people would have a blatant disregard for the environment. I didn’t ask. That would be poor etiquette. I should have though, I could have at least taken those bottles with me and recycled them at my house.

It leaves me wondering, why don’t they recycle? Cans, bottles and paper are the most widely recycled products in the nation. Why not there? I am sure there are many areas of our country that are still in the dark about recycling. We are the self-proclaimed leaders of the world, yet many other countries have far surpassed us environmentally. There are some countries, such as Sweden where composting your food scraps is mandatory. They have been able to reduce the amount of green waste going into the landfill drastically. Food scraps will not effectively breakdown inside a plastic bag in a landfill, in fact it contributes to the production of methane gas, one of the leading destroyers of the ozone.

YouTube Preview Image

It is our responsibility, to hold our government and ourselves accountable. The USA is more than capable of implementing recycling in every state, county and municipality… we should insist on it.

It is more cost effective over the long term to have these programs in place. Recycling products, makes new products with a smaller footprint than products using virgin materials. Recycling saves thousands of acres of landfill space every year. Recycling also reduces the amount of methane gas being produced in landfills and chemicals from leaching into our soils and making its way into our ground water supply. Once the damage is done, it is difficult and costly to undo.

As my Mother always said, Do it right the first time and you wont have to go back and do it again. We only have one country, one Earth, we should honor it, revere it and take care of it. Over the last 100 years of the worlds growth we have taken for granted that the Earth would just sustain. It would always be here for us to manipulate it and abuse it as we chose.

What can one do if recycling is not offered in your area? Take Action, write a letter to your local newspaper, the township officials and your county freeholders. Make everyone aware of the damage that is being done. Your voice will be heard. Get children involved in your quest for a better world. Children are innovative thinkers and can make a real difference.

For example: Recently a local Boy Scout Troup in our area provided a hard plastics pick up to their community. Hard plastics are items like: Plastic lawn furniture, kids molded plastic play sets, 5gal water bottles, etc. Any large hard plastic items. They sent out fliers, collected these items on a particular date and took them to the township Public Works Facility, where from there it was taken by the township to the County Recycling Facility. They collected over 500 pounds of hard plastic that would have ended up in the dump!

It does take some effort on our part to recycle hard plastics, however a quick trip to the Township Public Works Dept. will keep these items out of our landfills. They can then be recycled and turned into other useful products, like Polywood Furniture. By asking our local municipalities, maybe they will offer one or two pickups per year. By recycling these hard plastics we can save valuable space in our landfills.

These young boys made a difference in our community and our environment. We should all follow their example. If everyone nationwide would make this small extra effort to recycle, the effects would be staggering. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

About the Author: This article may be reproduced and/or distributed for educational purposes. This article was written by Vera Pappas, Co-owner of Green Nation Gardens, Online Retailer of green living products for home and garden. Visit

Green Nation Gardens



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Suspected serial killer appears in British court

Suspected serial killer appears in British court
By n9LwR4 On July 16th, 2017

Friday, May 28, 2010

A man accused of being a serial killer has appeared in Bradford magistrates court in West Yorkshire today charged with three counts of murder. 40-year-old Stephen Griffiths is accused of killing Suzanne Blamires, 36, Susan Rushworth, 43, and Shelley Armitage, 31, all prostitutes.

Griffiths, a former van driver with a degree in psychology and studying for a PhD in criminology, gave his name as “Crossbow Cannibal” when asked. He has been in police custody since Monday when police were alerted to a CCTV recording that appeared to show a murder.

A caretaker had been reviewing footage from the flats where Griffiths lives when he saw footage of a woman and a man enter a flat early on Saturday morning. Two minutes later, she ran out and was followed by the man, who beat her to the ground and shot her in the head with a crossbow. Over the course of the weekend, the man was seen several times with bin bags and a rucksack.

On Tuesday, the day after the arrest of Griffiths, Blamires’ remains were found in the River Aire in nearby Shipley. She had been cut into several pieces and her head was located in a rucksack. Police continue to search for the other two alleged victims; Rushworth has been missing since June last year and Armitage vanished in April.

Police have searched much of Bradford’s red-light district, where Griffiths’ third-floor flat is located. Forensic investigations at the flat are expected to last around three weeks. There are plans to search landfill sites for bodies, and police may yet expand the inquiry to cover three more cold cases, although at present they have not been linked to the current inquiry.

Sniffer dogs have been used throughout the city, and police have been taking away plastic evidence bags. Some alleyways remain closed off. Police charged their suspect yesterday.

Griffiths was known as “the lizard man” in his block of flats owing to his habit of walking his two pet monitor lizards in the area. One neighbour is reported to have quoted him as saying he was studying for “a PhD in murder and Jack the Ripper,” and he has spent time in a high-security psychiatric hospital. During his five-minute court appearance he did not enter a plea, kept his head bowed and fidgeted with his cuffed hands. He said “Here, I guess,” when asked for his address.

As he stood in the glass-fronted dock, guarded by three security officers, he was watched by the families of Rushworth and Armitage, who were accompanied by police family liaison officers. Blamires’ family chose not to be present, but the victim’s mother Nicky Blamires, 54, has told the press that Suzanne was a “much-loved” family member even though she “went down the wrong path and did not have the life she was meant to have.” “Nobody deserves this,” she said. “All these girls were human beings and people’s daughters.”

Griffiths’ morning court appearance was followed by a second one this afternoon, at Bradford Crown Court. This time, he confirmed his name without incident. He was remanded into custody until next month, when he will appear in court again.

British media has been quick to compare the case to Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the “Yorkshire Ripper”. Sutcliffe was a Bradford killer responsible for thirteen murders and seven attempted murders, including several prostitutes. Since his 1981 conviction he has spent most of the last three decades in Broadmoor high-security psychiatric hospital near London.

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