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If you have decided to quit smoking for good, you are definitely on the right track. Not only will you preserve your health, but also save some money, as tobacco is not among the cheapest goods. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic way to kick the habit, which has proven to be stronger than many people.

It is a sound decision to seek a hypnotherapist for this task. According to official data from the national Council for Hypnotherapy, a person increases the odds (by at least three times!) to quit smoking, than if they used nicotine patches for instance. This means the method is effective and it works well enough, so you shouldnt worry about your decision.

A large number of hypnotherapists deal with smoking-compulsion in single two-or-so hour long sessions. Usually, it all begins with your brief smoking history how and when did you start smoking, are there are patterns with your smoking and similar questions will be asked. Next the therapist will explain to you how the mind works and make you understand that you will be able to manage your craving for cigarettes even after a very long and tiring day.

Prepare for such a discussion, because it will give you information on the process and eliminate any uncertainties you may have. Give honest answers, because only then can you get clear understanding of your subconscious mind and better help your smoking quitting desire.

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This will prepare you for the next phase relaxation and trance. During this phase, the hypnotherapist will likely use guided imagery or metaphor to make you aware of the changes that you can achieve for a smoke-free life. You will be introduced to that part of your mind, which is the source of the primitive smoking desire. Then, you will feel empowered to say no to this unhealthy and expensive habit.

In order to maximize this effect, you should consider the following steps:

Think about your reasons why you want to stop smoking health, money, family, fitness, or whatever else different from smoking you feel like should be your main focus. Reflect on the reason and create a mental image of your achieved goal without smoking to cloud it.

Imagination exercise relax, let the pleasant images of your new life drift through your mind and embrace it. Feel happy about it and empowered as well, because it is something that you have wanted to do for a very long time and you are finally able to. It is best to practice this mental image in a quiet room, completely relaxed.

This imagination exercise is done for the purpose of creating a positive motivation and expectations from your hypnotherapy session. Think of this process as entering data into a sat-nav. You need a destination and that is exactly what you are giving your subconscious mind with this exercise. Start with it a week or so before your hypnotherapy session and you can be sure that it will lead to a better outcome overall.

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