Nuclear plant sealed off after traces of explosives found on bag

Nuclear plant sealed off after traces of explosives found on bag
By n9LwR4 On July 16th, 2017

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At least two men in Sweden were arrested after security officials at the Oskarshamn Nuclear Power Plant discovered traces of an explosive material on a plastic bag. Oskarshamnsverkets Kraftgrupp OKG operates the plant, which is one of three nuclear power plants in Sweden.

Reports say that on the outside of a bag was Acetone peroxide, or TATP, primarily used as a high yield explosive, but is also an organic peroxide used in making chemicals for cleaning.

The unidentified men in their 40’s to 50’s, who were contractors and welders hired for doing work at the plant, were stopped as they entered the plant. Authorities were called to the scene along with the bomb squad, who sealed off parts of the plant when they detected the explosive material on a bag’s handle. Security detected the material in what is described by CNN as a “routine” security check. Police believe it was on one of the man’s hands when it rubbed off onto the bag, but no bomb was found after an extensive search. Both men have been charged with attempted sabotage and are still undergoing interrogation. Both face sentences of up to two years in prison.

Plant officials state that the plant has never received a threat “not in the past, not now, and we have no threat for the future,” said President of OKG, Lars Thuring. “The only thing that we have found is this trace of explosives in the bag.”

TATP is “very unstable, very sensitive to both friction and shocks,” said Swedish Defense Research Agency expert, Svante Karlsson. A small amount could cause serious damage to someone handling the material which is described as ‘Mother of Satan’. Would-be ‘shoe bomber’ Richard Reid used the substance in an attempt to blow up American Airlines flight 63 from Paris, France to Miami, Florida in 2001. The same substance was also used in the July 2005 bombings in London, England.

The plant’s reactors, where the men were scheduled to work, were turned off on May 11 for routine maintenance. The rest of the plant’s operations were not interrupted.

The Rise Of The Nipple Tassel!}

By n9LwR4 On July 13th, 2017

The Rise of the Nipple Tassel!


Catherine Dunn

You might have noticed that nipple tassels have been popping up all over the place lately, with lots of celebrities spotted wearing them.

Nipple tassels or pasties originate from burlesque back in the days when they were used to cover up what the censor didn’t want you to see! Lately though they’ve been crossing over into maintstream fashion. Maybe it’s because burlesque has been growing steadily in popularity over the last few years – despite the fact that nipples are no longer outlawed on stage, nipple tassels have become an essential part of any burlesque act. Perhaps it’s because they’re so sexy and saucy that we can’t resist them!

The rise in popularity of burlesque (and nipple tassels!) has probably been helped by some of the celebrities who are becoming famous for their sexy burlesque routines, most famously of course Dita Von Teese. But recently our own Mel B performed in a very successful burlesque show in Las Vegas, and she’s now been followed in the show by Carmen Electra complete with nipple tassels of course!

YouTube Preview Image

Whilst Janet Jackson may have shocked everyone when she wore nipple pasties back in 2004 at the Super Bowl, there’s no longer any doubt they’ve gone mainstream. We saw Britney Spears wearing them during her successful Circus tour, whilst Rihanna went one step further and wore them under an open tuxedo jacket during American Independence Day celebrations in Las Vegas this year. Plus of course Lady GaGa has also adopted wearing them! And where these trendsetting ladies go, it seems we can’t help but follow!

In fact it seems that nipple tassles are everywhere! We had a burlesque dancer perform in red sequinned nipple tassles during this year’s Britain’s Got Talent. Whilst Dita Von Teese wore diamante nipple tassels in the Eurovision Song Content when she performed a dance routine with the German entry. No wonder they’re getting so popular then!

Nipple tassels or pasties are definitely a saucy and unique way of covering up your modesty in a low cut or see through outfit! Basically the difference between a nipple tassel and a pastie, is that a pastie doesn’t have a tassel (so you can’t twirl them!) but they can look just as amazing. Despite what you might think, nipple tassels and pasties are surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear. So why not pop some tassels on and try a bit of twirling in the bedroom! Im reliably informed that ladies of all shapes and sizes can twirl them, plus an interesting fact you might not know is that men are also quite capable of twirling them too!

As well as a sexy cover up under low cut and see through outfits, nipple tassels can also look amazing when you team them with some sexy lingerie.

Nick Gibbens is a keen fashion writer and consultant for lingerie and adult novelty retailer Wickedelic Lingerie, which sells a wide range of

nipple shields


nipple tassels


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The Rise of the Nipple Tassel! }

For fans, by fans: Toronto anime event 2017 among continent’s largest

For fans, by fans: Toronto anime event 2017 among continent’s largest
By n9LwR4 On July 13th, 2017

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anime North is “by the fans, for the fans”, event chair Irwin Tan told Wikinews in an interview at the event, Saturday. Started by a group of university anime clubs in 1997, it has grown to become one of the largest conventions of its kind in North America, spanning three days, five venues, and tens of thousands of fans.

Along with the dealer’s hall, industry tables, and artist booths typical of conventions, Anime North’s convention floor included a formal gallery space, a charity auction in support of Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital, an aerial performer, gaming tables, archery tag, dance events, and outdoor concerts. At one of the hotels surrounding the main venue, an entire 5000 volume manga library was available, for attendees looking to take a quiet pause. Full programming tracks about ball-jointed dolls — Doll North — and homoerotic-themed anime and manga — Yaoi/Yuri North — were also given entire hotels to themselves, allowing them to offer extensive programming.

As with many fan conventions, many fans attended in cosplay of their favourite characters. Some outfits included massive props, like wings, weapons, or even an additional character riding on their back. A variety of anime and manga worlds were represented, as well as video games like Undertale, Western comic books, Disney characters, even “Smug Wendy”, and the Ferocious Beast from Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. The event offered panels to help costume creators and wearers develop in their hobby, such as “Thermoplastics for Cosplay”, looking at the pliable polymers used to create things like character armour, and “Social Media for Cosplayers”.

The cosplay subculture of animegao kigurumi, for which masks of mainly human characters are worn, was well-represented. Ride the Pig Studios, a Nevada-based studio, was set up in the industry section with a photo booth for attendees to get a photo with practitioners of the craft, and two sessions, including one hosted by Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura, a university professor attending from Japan.

Anime North was deemed the fourth largest convention in North American with a primary theme of anime, in 2016, by

Cosplay coverage continues after the interview.


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  • 2 Cosplay highlights
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Glasgow’s Common Weal launch; ‘Not me first. All of us first’

Glasgow’s Common Weal launch; ‘Not me first. All of us first’
By n9LwR4 On July 13th, 2017

Monday, December 16, 2013

Glasgow — Last weekend, December 8, The Reid Foundation, a left-leaning think-tank, launched The Common Weal, a vision for a more socially just and inclusive post-Independence Scotland. Five- to six-hundred turned up for the event, billed as “[a] ‘revolution’ … with T-shirts and dancing” by the Sunday Herald, and held in The Arches club and theatre, under Glasgow’s Central Street Station.

Wikinews’ Brian McNeil travelled to Glasgow to attend, walking through the city’s festively decorated George Square, and busy shopping streets, to the venue under Hielanman’s Umbrella.

More known for theatre, live music, and club nights, organisers in The Arches confirmed around 800 had signed up for the free Sunday afternoon event. The crowd was a mix of all ages, including families with young childen. Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai entertained the early arrivals by DJ-ing until the launch video for the Common Weal was screened.

The Common Weal present themselves as “an emerging movement which is developing a vision for economic and social development in Scotland which is distinct and different from the political orthodoxy that dominates politics and economics in London.” Contrasting current “me first politics” against concerns of ordinary Scots, the launch video’s opening, monochrome half, stresses everyday common concerns: “Will I have a pension I can survive on when I retire?”, “I miss my local library”, “Public transport is so bad it’s hard to get to work”; and, “Why can we always find money to bail out banks but not to protect public services?”, “Why is it always the poor, the disabled, and immigrants who get the blame?”

The preferred vision offered by the Common Weal, “Not me first, all of us first”, makes up the more-aspirational second-half of the film, advocating a national fund for industry, taking the nation’s energy into collective ownership, building quality new public housing, strengthening the welfare state, and ending tax evasion. Throughout the event a distinction between these ‘popular politics’, which experience wide support, and the derogatory ‘populist’ label, often used to dismiss such calls for a fairer society, was emphasised.

Comedienne Janey Godley took over following the film, to compère the afternoon, and introduce Reid Foundation director Robin McAlpine. With the mixed audience, Godley made avoiding profanity — due to the presence of children — a theme of her warm-up; although, the humour remained fairly adult in nature.

McAlpine sketched out the movement’s hopes and plans. After thanking those who were giving their time for free, he characterised modern politics as “[…] a game that is played by a small number of professionals, in a small number of rooms, in a small number of expensively-rented premises, across Scotland — and across Britain. It’s become a thing people do as a profession, and the rest of us are all supposed to applaud them — or stand back — nod our heads every four years, and be glad for it.” With a receptive audience, he continued: “The idea that politics is something that ordinary people cannae talk about is one of the great achievements of the right-wing [over] the last thirty to forty years in Britain”; remarking, to applause, “they scared us aff.”

  • 1
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  • 3
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  • 6

On discussions around the country, he claimed that “across Scottish politics, […] the people that want this, … ‘me first’ politics, there’s not many of them. The people that want Common Weal politics, all of us first politics, I’m meeting them everywhere. […] Everyone I meet wants this, a decent politics that puts people first. […] We wanted to find a way to communicate an idea of a politics which work for all the people who those politics seek to govern, not just a few of them. People don’t understand or recognise the language of politics any more, so we want to change that language.”.

Crediting the Sunday Herald newspaper for an opportunity to share some ideas underpinning the Common Weal, McAlpine was scathing in his criticism of mainstream coverage of the independence debate: “There’s this massive debate. It’s not in the mainstream.” Seeking to “get a real debate going, about a really strong vision for a future for Scotland, it’s hard. They’re still doing IFS, accounting this, and another paper from a Whitehall that. And, we’ll all debate things that nobody really cares about, interminably, until they all go away for good.” On the current political debate, he remarked: “If mainstream politics fails to recognise what is really going on in Scotland just now, then that is its problem. […] Someone is going to offer ordinary people what they want, and when they do, everything will change.”

Urging the crowd to get involved, he said: “If we can create a popular politics, that ordinary people care about, and talk about, and work[s], we can take a grip of Scotland. We can decide the future politics of Scotland, and standing around waiting for professional politicians to,… disappoint us less than they always do, does not have to be the way we do this anymore.” He concluded, “It genuinely is time for a politics that puts all of us first.”

Janey Godley took the microphone, as McAlpine left the stage to cheers and applause; joking about the ‘rabble-rousing’ tone of the speech she then introduced David Whyte of Tangent Design, creator of the Common Weal’s logo.

Whyte explained they hoped the simple image would come to represent the “all of us first” philosophy, and “a new way of doing things”. He was not the first to jokingly remark that the four-line graphic — a triangle, with a balanced line on top of it — would be an easily-applied piece of graffiti.

Politics, and the launch of the movement’s logo, then took more of a back-seat; the rest of the event more in-keeping with having a party, and the festive decorations elsewhere around the city centre. Godley, and fellow Scottish joker Bruce Morton, provided more barbed comedy. Singer Karine Polwart encouraged the crowd to sing along to a song she said was written on her way to the party, and Actor Tam Dean Burn read a speech from the 16th century Scottish play “Satire of the three estates” — given by the character John Common Weal, representing the common man — where the deeds and behaviour of the ruling classes are such that, if done by a common man, they’d be hanged.

Scotland’s Independence referendum is to take place next year, September 18. This was a repeated election pledge of the Scottish National Party (SNP) — who moved from leading a minority government, to an outright majority in the devolved parliament’s 2011 general election — making good on their promise by announcing in January 2011 their intent to hold the referendum in autumn 2014.

The question being put to the electorate is: “Should Scotland be an independent country?” A “Yes” vote would be followed with negotiations to bring to an end the early eighteenth-century ‘Union of the Parliaments’. The SNP has proposed Scotland retain Elizabeth II as head of state, a position she holds on the basis of the century-earlier Union of the Crowns.

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Students raise record amounts of money during Christmas fundraiser at Benet Academy, Illinois

Students raise record amounts of money during Christmas fundraiser at Benet Academy, Illinois
By n9LwR4 On July 13th, 2017

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Students at Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois, United States raised record amounts of money this year during their Christmas Drive fundraiser.

The annual two-week event is aimed at promoting the Christmas spirit in helping the poor and needy. Coordination of the fundraiser is a joint effort by the faculty and three students organizations—Student Government, National Honor Society (NHS), and Outreach. Donations from previous years have allowed Outreach to provide food and Christmas gifts to dozens of families during the holiday season. NHS in the past has provided blankets, winter gear, and toys to local families as well.

A semi-formal dance held on Dec. 5 kicked off the Christmas Drive this year. Two weeks of in-school fundraising efforts ensued, including several no-uniform days and Benet’s traditional Penny Wars. In that four-day activity, the four grade levels competed against each other to see who can collect the most pennies. Nickels, dimes, and quarters were allowed but had negative value in the class total. The seniors won this contest, allowing them to have a no-uniform day on Dec. 11. Other activities such as bake sales and a beard-growing contest raised money as well.

During an all-school assembly on Friday, the last day of the drive, Student Government President Kyle Marinko announced that preliminary calculations put the amount of donations at US$53,392.82, a record for the school. Last year’s drive collected approximately US$42,000. A final total has not been officially announced, since Student Government officials continue to count additional donations that have been received.

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Natural Exfoliation}

By n9LwR4 On July 11th, 2017

Natural Exfoliation


Steve El-halabi

What can it do for me?

As we age, our body’s natural skin shedding cycle becomes steadily slower. That means that nature can sometimes do with a helping hand if we want to bring out the freshest and youngest skin we have. The various methods we use to naturally exfoliate our skin provide a variety of benefits to our bodies. Skin brushing, or dry body brushing is thought to help reduce cellulite and make nutrients and oxygen from the dermis more readily available to the epidermis. As there are no blood vessels to distribute nutrients to the cells of the epidermis, these must be sourced from the epidermis, the massaging action of skin brushing helps increase the flow of these nutrients between cells. Exfoliation, whatever method you use, will help remove dead skin cells, giving your skin a fresher and brighter appearance. Some ways we can naturally exfoliate are using skin brushing, as mentioned before, using a Loofah, a sea sponge or some natural particles like fine beach sand to rub gently over the skin.

YouTube Preview Image

What is a Loofah?

A Loofah, or Luffa is actually a vegetable known as a gourd. These are eaten as vegetables in some areas of the world, but what we usually call a Loofah is the network of xylum that remains after the gourd pulp is removed and the Loofah is then dried out. This results in a textured shape (and there are many different shapes of Loofah) that is similar to a sea sponge and which can be used to exfoliate our skin. It is also good in the shower for lathering up our favourite all-natural squirty soap!

How do I do it?

Use a Loofah in the shower for best effect, as with sea sponges, you can use some nice natural body wash and lather up. While you’re at the beach consider gently rubbing the sand over your skin. If you want to use a body brush, then the best technique to use is to make a series of long, light, brisk strokes, starting at the feet and working upwards. Use a circular pattern over the belly area. Brush for about three to five minutes altogether. The best time to do body brushing is in the morning before your shower for a nice pick-me-up feeling. Remember to always be gentle, being too rough will cause redness and irritation. So what are you waiting for? Run out to the shops and purchase something scratchy, or head on down to the beach for an invigorating, skin freshening spa treatment that you can do yourself with all the tools of nature that are in your reach.

A Loofah, or Luffa is actually a vegetable known as a gourd. These are eaten as vegetables in some areas of the world, but what we usually call a Loofah is the network of xylum that remains after the gourd pulp is removed and the Loofah is then dried

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Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, on animal rights and the film about her life

Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder of PETA, on animal rights and the film about her life
By n9LwR4 On July 11th, 2017

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Last night HBO premiered I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA. Since its inception, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has made headlines and raised eyebrows. They are almost single-handedly responsible for the movement against animal testing and their efforts have raised the suffering animals experience in a broad spectrum of consumer goods production and food processing into a cause célèbre.

PETA first made headlines in the Silver Spring monkeys case, when Alex Pacheco, then a student at George Washington University, volunteered at a lab run by Edward Taub, who was testing neuroplasticity on live monkeys. Taub had cut sensory ganglia that supplied nerves to the monkeys’ fingers, hands, arms, legs; with some of the monkeys, he had severed the entire spinal column. He then tried to force the monkeys to use their limbs by exposing them to persistent electric shock, prolonged physical restraint of an intact arm or leg, and by withholding food. With footage obtained by Pacheco, Taub was convicted of six counts of animal cruelty—largely as a result of the monkeys’ reported living conditions—making them “the most famous lab animals in history,” according to psychiatrist Norman Doidge. Taub’s conviction was later overturned on appeal and the monkeys were eventually euthanized.

PETA was born.

In the subsequent decades they ran the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty against Europe’s largest animal-testing facility (footage showed staff punching beagle puppies in the face, shouting at them, and simulating sex acts while taking blood samples); against Covance, the United State’s largest importer of primates for laboratory research (evidence was found that they were dissecting monkeys at its Vienna, Virginia laboratory while the animals were still alive); against General Motors for using live animals in crash tests; against L’Oreal for testing cosmetics on animals; against the use of fur for fashion and fur farms; against Smithfield Foods for torturing Butterball turkeys; and against fast food chains, most recently against KFC through the launch of their website

They have launched campaigns and engaged in stunts that are designed for media attention. In 1996, PETA activists famously threw a dead raccoon onto the table of Anna Wintour, the fur supporting editor-in-chief of Vogue, while she was dining at the Four Seasons in New York, and left bloody paw prints and the words “Fur Hag” on the steps of her home. They ran a campaign entitled Holocaust on your Plate that consisted of eight 60-square-foot panels, each juxtaposing images of the Holocaust with images of factory farming. Photographs of concentration camp inmates in wooden bunks were shown next to photographs of caged chickens, and piled bodies of Holocaust victims next to a pile of pig carcasses. In 2003 in Jerusalem, after a donkey was loaded with explosives and blown up in a terrorist attack, Newkirk sent a letter to then-PLO leader Yasser Arafat to keep animals out of the conflict. As the film shows, they also took over Jean-Paul Gaultier‘s Paris boutique and smeared blood on the windows to protest his use of fur in his clothing.

The group’s tactics have been criticized. Co-founder Pacheco, who is no longer with PETA, called them “stupid human tricks.” Some feminists criticize their campaigns featuring the Lettuce Ladies and “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ads as objectifying women. Of their Holocaust on a Plate campaign, Anti-Defamation League Chairman Abraham Foxman said “The effort by PETA to compare the deliberate systematic murder of millions of Jews to the issue of animal rights is abhorrent.” (Newkirk later issued an apology for any hurt it caused). Perhaps most controversial amongst politicians, the public and even other animal rights organizations is PETA’s refusal to condemn the actions of the Animal Liberation Front, which in January 2005 was named as a terrorist threat by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

David Shankbone attended the pre-release screening of I Am An Animal at HBO’s offices in New York City on November 12, and the following day he sat down with Ingrid Newkirk to discuss her perspectives on PETA, animal rights, her responses to criticism lodged against her and to discuss her on-going life’s work to raise human awareness of animal suffering. Below is her interview.

This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.


  • 1 The HBO film about her life
  • 2 PETA, animal rights groups and the Animal Liberation Front
  • 3 Newkirk on humans and other animals
  • 4 Religion and animals
  • 5 Fashion and animals
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  • 7 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
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Media reports: Israeli warplanes training in Iraq

Media reports: Israeli warplanes training in Iraq
By n9LwR4 On July 11th, 2017

Sunday, July 13, 2008

In contrast with what unnamed source(s) in the Iraqi Defense Ministry told a local news network on Friday, The Jerusalem Post reports that Major-General Mohammad al-Askari, spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry was denying earlier reports that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) has been training personnel and allegedly performing military exercises in Iraq.

On July 11, unnamed Iraqi sources told local news outlets in the country that the IAF was performing military exercises in the country and was using American military bases for places to land. The alleged exercise, claimed the sources, was an exercise aimed at preparing an attack on Iran.

The sources further stated that Israeli planes fly in from Jordan during the dead of night and land near the Iraqi city of Hadita reportedly at a U.S. landing strip. They added that Israeli planes were also detected at other bases in Iraq and that those strips were being prepared as places to launch an attack on Iran.

The Iraqi Defense Ministry denied that any such exercise was taking place stating, “as the Ministry of Defense, we haven’t observed any IAF warplanes practicing in Iraqi airspace.” The Israeli Defense Force also denied the allegations saying they were “baseless.”

The U.S. also denied the reports. “I find that report inconceivable and clearly someone is either misinformed or intentionally trying to create mischief,” stated Bryan Whitman, a spokesman for The Pentagon.

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Auckland City Council acts to remove suspect chemicals in pre-school’s soil

Auckland City Council acts to remove suspect chemicals in pre-school’s soil
By n9LwR4 On July 10th, 2017

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Chemicals, which the Auckland City Council said are a suspected cause of cancer and are considered toxic, have been found in soil at a children’s playcentre in Auckland. The contamination was found at the Auckland Central Playcentre in Freemans Bay, and the Council will now spend $100,000 removing the top 50 cm (about 20 in) of soil at the playcentre, doing landscaping and replacing playground equipment.

The presence of “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including benzo-a-pyrene,” was suspected at the school playground and was confirmed by a chemical analysis on Tuesday. The chemicals may cause temporary digestive and respiratory distress, as well as irritation of the eyes and skin. The levels of benzo-a-pyrene found were between 0.06 and 4.82 milligrams per kilogram of soil at surface level, according to the Ministry of Education. A potential risk is present at levels above 3.5 mg.

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Using A Stop Smoking Powerpoint Presentation To Inform

By n9LwR4 On July 10th, 2017

Read An Opinion On:

By Wade Robins

Due to the fast-paced world we live in, people need to access information in compact modules in order to save precious time. Most of us cannot afford to read voluminous materials simply because it eats up too much of our time which could otherwise be spent on more important matters.

This is precisely the reason why new technologies are being adopted by almost all industries in order to disseminate valuable information to the public. One good example of using technology to inform and educate the general public is using a stop smoking PowerPoint presentation.

The advantages of using a modern presentation instead of merely conducting lectures and traditional seminars about smoking cessation is that a PowerPoint presentation utilizes both the power of the word and the power of visuals – a highly effective combination for people who have hectic schedules and those who cannot fully take in mere spoken words.

If you’re planning on presenting a stop smoking PowerPoint presentation to a targeted audience, you should take pains in planning it and using the best visuals to make it more engaging. Below are a few simple tips to follow when putting together a stop smoking PowerPoint presentation:

Make it simple but engaging

It’s very likely that if you’re to teach a group of people about the hazards of smoking, you’ll need to present a lot of researched facts. However, you also have to squeeze your stop smoking PowerPoint presentation into just a few minutes in order to keep your audience from getting bored.

YouTube Preview Image

Thus, you should find a way to summarize your data and include only the most attention-grabbing facts.

Use visuals that complement rather than distract

Nothing could be more irritating than presentations replete with nonsensical ClipArt. To have an effective stop smoking PowerPoint presentation, make use of visuals that are relevant to the topic at hand. ClipArt does nothing by way of making your audience remember the facts that you are presenting.

The better thing to do is to make use of beautifully constructed charts and graphs that would support your numerical data. Doing so would enhance your script and would make a mark in the minds of your audience.

You can also try looking for copyright-free photos that could affect the emotions of your audience in a manner that you desire. For instance, if you want to shock or jolt them into action, using photos of damaged organs could be a great idea, and these could conveniently be incorporated into your stop smoking PowerPoint presentation.

Practice before presenting

To ensure the success of your lecture, devote some time to giving the slideshow a dry run. Make sure that when doing so, you will be using the same equipment that you will have at hand during the actual presentation.

It’s tough working on borrowed equipment because technological tools depend on the settings that the users establish. If you fail to test the equipment, your entire stop smoking PowerPoint presentation might just go to waste.

Create slides with templates that complement rather than distract. Moreover, they should be relevant to your topic. Otherwise, it would be better to use a plain background for your slides.

Use text sparingly and never overwhelm the audience with too much text. If you want them to read loads of information, then you might as well give them handouts and brochures to read at home.

Make the slideshow easy on the eyes and insert graphics and photos where appropriate. A perfectly laid out stop smoking PowerPoint presentation will definitely help your audience remember what you want them to.

About the Author: You can also find more info on

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nicotine addiction

. is a comprehensive resource to know smoking.


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